Wednesday, June 3, 2009

An Oval Fairy!

Have you a little fairy in your home? Well now, that's a good question. How about the Gold Dust Twins? This is a dunning letter from the Credit Department of the Gold Dust Corporation in St. Louis, Missouri, in September of 1924. It seems that Northwest Chemical and School Supply in Spokane, Washington, ordered 10 cases of Hotel Fairy soap in August, and had failed to pay their bill promptly, hence the letter encouraging a speedy remittance. Examine the piece of paper closely, and near the bottom you will find the Gold Dust Twins, who sold the Corporation's other product in print advertising - Fairbank's Gold Dust Washing Powder - GUARANTEED to wash just about everything.


  1. SUCH an endearing little fairy!! I see the Gold Dust Twins at the bottom. Guess these cute little kids sold product better than a haggard old housewife would have. P.

  2. Interesting piece of history not many would be aware of.

    I managed to get a new blog started a few days ago. It is only about flowers.

    Our Flower Pot

  3. Love the image and the history.