Friday, August 28, 2009

"Papa - I gotta GO"!

Another happy find from Mary Patterson, who sold two pieces of this paper to sister Penny a couple of months ago. Penny and I had a couple of conversations about old paper that Mary thought I'd perhaps be interested in. Penny would describe to me over the phone the various attributes of the paper and I would give her a yes or no depending upon what she was describing. I said "NO" to this piece more than once, thinking I would never have a use for a piece of paper with an image of a wrecked automobile as the highlight of the letterhead. Penny persisted. I resisted - to a point.

I finally relented.

Several weeks ago, I found A Perfect Match!

With permission of the Tattered and Lost blog Host (who wishes to remain nameless), I downloaded the images that I needed.

Now, I really gotta go!


  1. It turned out stunning! You do amazing work. I'll be happy to print this out for my father who is the rightful owner of the game I scanned. I'm sure he'll smile. Thank you!

  2. Ha ha! Love this! Gorgeous work x

  3. Mary and I knew you could give this old paper a new life if we could just get it into your hands. Sometimes the cart comes before the horse in this game. You found the perfect "horse" for pairing.
    You did a beautiful job, and I'm sure it can only be fully appreciated in person. Can't wait to see the mate. So.....
    "Are we there yet??"

  4. Thank heaven for persisitence as it has certainly paid off now! What a great match up it is too!

  5. Stopped back to thank you for your visit to my Pick a Peck of Pixels Blog and for your comment there about the squirrel. And your visit helps me get closer to my original goal 10,000 visits. Pick a Peck of Pixels