Monday, November 9, 2009

Gimme a shot of The Goodkind

Bottle collectors will love this one!

A piece of bill head from Goodkind Brothers of Helena, Montana, who had their business at Main Street (known as Last Chance Gulch) and 6th Avenue. This is an image of what their bottle of Sour Mash Whiskey looked like complete with one of their in-house labels. The bottle itself stands about six inches tall.


  1. I'm no longer a bottle collector but I still love this one! It must be the names: Wise & Goodkind.

  2. I like this one and the colors. I used to have some old bottles but I think they were sold in a garage sale.

  3. The first old bottle I ever found was in my secret forest that I used to retreat to when I was a mixed up, muddled up teenager. I found an old 19th century relic growing between the roots of a tree. The roots had obviously pushed the bottle up from underneath and boy was it an exciting find! This post has just brought all that back, Dave. Thanks.
    Oh and btw. I've sent the mailart I did for you in September in a new mail art envelope. I sent it today so hopefully it'll wind up in your PO Box in the next week or so. This time I made damn sure the postal workers couldn't miss it.

  4. Can't ask for more than "wise, good&kind" from anybody. Speaking of shots, I think my heron was wishing for one of the "goodkind" like this.

    Pity that Helena changed the name from Last Chance Gulch to the mundane "Main" name.

    Yeah, I know it rhymes -:)