Wednesday, August 18, 2010

No Address Required

Yesterday was my wife's Birthday, so I created a card for her, and of course an envelope to put it in. It's her monogram. You should be able to read it, although I probably ignored all the rules for creating one.

I took it to the Post Office and asked for hand-back service, meaning I didn't have to toss it in the outgoing mail slot, I just got it back after the clerk canceled it. No mailing labels necessary. The third time was a charm as far as getting a date on it. For some reason, the dates are not showing up on some of the devices no matter how hard the clerk stamps it. Maybe some of you Stamper people have a good solution for that.

She could read it - can you?


  1. Toad???? Don't listen to me...

  2. LOL. No, not TOAD. Too many letters. There are only three. Interesting that you should see four, so I guess I broke one of the rules. Three letters, three colors.

  3. TAD ... and tell Lady Terri Happy Birthday. Maturity is becoming -:))

  4. She is more than a TAD bit lucky to have you for a husband! Terri Anne? Dube's initials look like one of those rope and chain puzzles, impossibly intertwined. Really well-done, Dave. And Happy Birthday to the artist's wife!

  5. I saw the TAD as well but was not sure if it might not be ATD. Either way...this is really spectacular. And if this is the envelope, I cannot even imagine the card!

  6. Happy Birthday to your "domestic (or wild?) partner", who is Terri-fic, not Terri-ble (I guess).
    I know some solutions the date stamp problem.
    1)If it's an insertable date slug in that canceler, see that it's inserted all the way.
    2)Use a small inkpad to brush specifically the date part of the canceler.
    3)Cut out a round portion of an Avery transparent label, that fits inside the postmark area, inside the smaller circle. Stick it on cover, then try to apply the postmark pretty much over the label circle. This way, the label will be closer to the date area of the canceler, to get a good impression.
    Lesson learned: to get a good impression of somebody, you need to get closer. :)

  7. I love letters and lettering. I often doodle them--in fact, I have sketchbooks full of them!

    This is just exquisite--your wife is a lucky lady! I have a feeling she loved this wonderful gift!