Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lenna the Brownie Queen

About a month ago, I sent a piece of mail art to Lenna Young Andrews who has a blog called Creative Lenna. I was inspired to send her a piece because she was using some elements on her mail art that I was really interested in, and I had missed a mail art challenge which she had sponsored by days. I found Lenna through Mary Green, who really kicked my game up a notch when I discovered she was a Nick Bantock fan. It would appear from some of the elements on this envelope that Lenna also knows where Nick Bantock lives.

Lenna sent me a VERY interesting piece of mail art which I received yesterday in my mail box. I have to ask a couple of questions which will probably lead to my spending more money, but I have to know - Are all the Brownies on this envelope, both front and back from stamps, or did this start out as a piece of paper with Brownies all over it? And are you using some type of thermal transfer? I've not seen anything like this except for a couple of cachetmakers who use thermal transfer for their basic design and add watercolor to them. And - then you throw in some of my favorite kinds of PAPER! Bonus!

Lenna, Mary, Hope Wallace Karney  and Lisa McIlvain are currently involved in an online workshop called Artful Pages which gives students the opportunity to  gain the expertise of all four of these artists in their areas of expertise. Give it a look!


  1. The 'Brownies' are all rubber stamps! I have a huge collection of them and I think you mentioned them somewhere -no, you put a Brownie faux postage stamp on the envelope you sent me! So there it is, I got out my brownie stamps and had fun.
    The leaf is a nature print, stamped with paint.
    So glad you enjoyed!!!

  2. Cool! Endless possibilities...:)

  3. This is wonderfully intricate and fun to disappear into.

  4. This makes me want to travel!