Friday, February 18, 2011

Old Faithful in Winter PFF #38

This is a First Day Cover I created in January of 2009. The stamp was released with little fanfare, and since the lodge was closed for the Winter, there was no ceremony for this stamp. I made the almost two hundred mile trip to West Yellowstone, which is as close as I could get to Old Faithful without riding a snowcoach and still get the cancel I wanted on the First Day. Was there snow on the ground? I could not see out of the parking lot when I finally found the Post Office. I could see the flag flying on the flag staff out in front, which was a big help in locating the building as it was.

Make certain to stop by Beth Niquette's blog The Best Hearts Are Crunchy for more eye candy that was meant to be sent through the mail!


  1. I love this. I still haven't seen Old Faithful *face to face*!!!! Someday.....

    Happy PFF!

  2. Wonderful. I'm envious you went their in the winter. I was there a few years ago and couldn't believe how much the park had changed. Other than the damage by the fires I was just disappointed with how it was organized. The last time I'd been there had been 1966, a completely different feeling.

  3. A first day cover with a great story. The park in snow and a cancel, worth the trip.

  4. I am enjoying learning about all sorts of things with this postcard group of nice people! Good for you accomplishing what you set out to do. I have never been to Yellowstone - my visits in the west have been to Colorado, California and Oregon. Have a great weekend, Dave.

  5. That's a great souvenir for you! Quite an effort, and quite expensive: the trip, the $17 stamp...
    Nice and rare, maybe even unique, unless you made several copies.
    Please write, if you want, a quick review for my blog on - the link is in my blog, including the today's blogpost that you just visited.
    Thank you and best wishes! :)

  6. I wonder if they still have snow in parts of the park in summer. I've never been there but I have postcards showing a lot of snow when the roads are first opened for the season.

  7. I don't remember this stamp at all - then I see its denomination is $17, or $17.50? Now I understand.

  8. Howdy Dave
    Happy PFF to you :)
    What a great adventure !
    Thank you for sharing this awesome stamp and for making the journey .
    Your always so much fun to come by and visit .
    It seems you never run out of eye candy
    or adventures .
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Until Next Time
    Happy Trails

  9. I would love to see Old Faithful. Maybe one day I will! Beautiful cover.

  10. It sounds like this was one of your most memorable first day cancels.

  11. That is lovely. :-)

    My parents went to Yellowstone early in their marriage (before I came along), but sadly, I've never been. I'm not that far from the Idaho section either. Hopefully one day I'll get there.

  12. If you liked the first one you will probably like the second one.

    Here is a link to my 2nd movie. I am learning. I want to add sound but don't yet know how to do that.