Monday, September 7, 2009

The Ephemera Hunt

Well, it ain't the Police Blotter or the Official Court Record, but I have to tell you I got some really GOOD INK on Sunday in the Billings Gazette Sunday Magazine. Donna Healy wrote the article and James Woodcock took the photographs, and - I'm flattered.

If the article results in even one person getting the urge to put something on an envelope other than a stamp, I'll be happy. I'm beginning to think that we're losing the urge to create correspondence, and I don't mean the kind that ends up in the Dead Letter bin at the Post Office. We've created too many Electronic Easy Chairs if you get my drift. Cell phones and handheld electronic devices have definitely changed the way we communicate, and although that isn't necessarily a bad thing, I believe that the written word shouldn't be relegated to an album just yet. There is something very magical about getting an envelope in the mail that has your name on it. Try it. Even a doodle will do.


  1. Congratulations on a great article. NOW I understand! I used to draw all over the letters I sent my accountants and they NEVER threw them away...wonder where they are now????

  2. Great!!!
    Have you seen fellow blogger Abe Lincoln's ( envelope art. It is fabulous.
    A fascinating subject. MB

  3. Oops I spelled pixels wrong the blog is:

  4. I still got the envelopes and will make sure to post a new one.

    Kanji is, by the way, the Arial of Japanese fonts. Almost.

    Thanks for visiting and helping me to make history.
    Pick a Peck of Pixels

  5. Wonderful Dave! Thanks for keeping "real mail" not only alive, but vibrant, too!

  6. Thanks for the visit to Pick a Peck of Pixels. Here is my reply to your question and posted under the comments.

    Reply to MrCachet...

    I had three cameras. A Nikon with a f2.8 lens; a Canon with a f2.8 lens; and a Rolliflex duplicate -- think it was called a Yaschica. Not sure now.

    Yes, I know about the cheap Holga camera. You can get one on ►

  7. Been away for a few days and catching up. I quite agree. There is certainly a decline in what I refer to as friendly mail as opposed to the stuff that is usually sent these days, and what is more welcome than mail that is art as well. Keep up the great work and influence as many others as is humanly possible I say, LOL!