Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Come on Baby - Let's do the Claxtonola!

The Claxtonola Company was in business for four short years - 1921 through 1925 - according to the Claxtonola.com web site. They may have only pressed records for those years, but indeed, most of the records they sold under their label were pressed by the New York Recording Labratories. In 1924, the Gennett Records Company pressed the records for Claxtonola. I just acquired four more pieces of Claxtonola paper, the earliest dated Nov, 6th, 1919, and the latest dated March 8th, 1920. This piece of Brenard Manufacturing paper was not dated, but the date that's been covered by the left edge of the label is September, 1919, and the text of the letter refers to a "new Price level" effective for that date. Am I prepared to put proper labels on these new pieces of paper? YES - I - AM!

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  1. Cool piece! I love that record label.

    I recently came across some 78 records at a thrift shop (sold by the pound) and bought a few, including a 45. I'm not 100% sure what I'm going to do with them yet, but plan to alter at least one, and I will scan the labels before I do anything.