Tuesday, May 5, 2009

McCormick-Deering 15-30 Steel Wheeled Tractor

This is a combination of two receipts from a McCormick-Deering Implement dealer with a Graphite painting that I did twenty-one years ago. This image was taken from an old negative in the collection of my wife's folks, and is my father-in-law on his father's first tractor. The McCormick-Deering Company was the predecessor to the International Harvester Corporation.


  1. I love this piece.

    I lived on 23 acres for a time during my teenage years, and one of my good memories of my dad was of him riding around on the old tractor.

    That tractor was how I learned to drive too. lol

  2. I drove a similar tractor for my father-in-law, but it had rubber tires on it by the time I got on it. And I stood up, just like he's doing. You couldn't sit on the seat if the sun was up!