Friday, May 8, 2009

The King & Queen - Joined As One

The stamps were issued on Friday, May 8th, and I was in Heart Butte, MT, to cancel them when Donel Hall, the Postmaster opened up. Actually, I purchased the stamps, and then spent an hour in the car bisecting and reassembling them. The lower pair are a normal pair - the upper pair have been 'reunited' to appear as the King & Queen on my art work. I personally call it a "Bisectual Union", but chose "Royal Wedding" so as to provide no offense to anyone. It was a beautiful day, and as I do for most of the issues that I cancel unofficially, I took a picture of the Post Office. You will notice the 'Heart' of Heart Butte in the photo.

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  1. Incredible attention to detail - and royally beautiful!