Tuesday, October 27, 2009

La Belle Chocolatière - Again

This one is a little larger than the last, and consequently a little finer. And I know from experience doing the covers that the second time I do an image I'm always happier with the results.

I obtained the image for this rendition from Susan E at This Old Paper, and I'll continue to link to her blog as often as I use this image. I've several more bill heads that have Baker's Chocolate as line items, so this won't be the last.

The paper itself is a bill head for C. W. Rank & Company, a general store in historic Virginia City, Montana. There are a number of interesting line items on this bill head including Fruit of Paradise, which this confectioner did not make. Fruit of Paradise was (and still is) made by the Startup Candy Company of Provo, Utah.

Excuse me while I go make myself some hot chocolate.


  1. I remember this earlier version. Nice work again.

  2. Pardonne mois for mentioning it...Is it just my imagination, or has La Belle been indulging in a few chocolates over the past 2 weeks? Is she a little fuller in the face this trip out of the kitchen? Hard to tell when I can't compare them side by side like you can.
    And what were they buying by the pail? Penny