Friday, October 9, 2009

Lana from Montana

Well not really, but Lana (a good friend of ours) found this piece of paper in an Antique Mall, although I despise doing business with malls (too many ways to cut the pie to get a decent piece at a decent price). This was another over-the-phone purchase, whereby she described it and I decided if I wanted it - at any price. I think there must have been at least two if not three phone calls on this paper hunt, but I decided I had to have it because I already knew what I was going to put on it.

Closset & Devers sold Coffee and other slightly more perishable goods out of their Portland, Oregon, facility. The Kerr Glass Company (of Economy Fruit Jar fame, also of Portland) produced glass jars for Closset & Devers Golden West Coffee Brand, and I was given one of these jars by my good fruit jar collecting friend, Larry Munson. It has a lithographic label on it, and I plucked the Cowgirl off of it (figuratively speaking) and used REAL gold leaf for the Golden West lettering. I am really, really happy with the PVA I purchased as a raising compound. I can letter the whole shebang with no concern about time-to-tack because you activate the tack with your breath. It sucks up the gold and allows me to apply a good burnish no matter how much 'pillowing' I'm looking for.

I'm really happy with the results, and thank you Lana for finding this nice piece of paper.


  1. It looks nice. Glad it works for you.

    Thanks for the visit and comments about the reader in our house.

  2. Thanks for sharing the PVA technique with us x

  3. The perfect application for gold leaf. Wish we could appreciate the pillowing you refer to, but I'm sure it's awesome in person. Just out of curiousity, how expensive is gold leaf? (To say nothing of the technique and skill involved.)

  4. 23K Gold Leaf for surface gilding - Probably around $3.00/sheet, just over 3" square. You can only buy it by the book, 25 leaves in a book. Spendy. I purchased what I have twenty years ago - at least. I'm stabbing at the price.