Sunday, July 12, 2009

Christ Lived In Anaconda (Part #2)

When I had color copies made of the original document, I made two - copies. I visited the local antique shops looking for perfume bottles (I found only one), and the photographs I took were of the (one and only) bottle in the preceding post. This bottle is an alabaster bottle which I found on the web, which is what I was looking for locally and could not find. Alabaster bottles and jars are a bit hard to find in this neck of the woods. Christ Marchion got his perfume in glass bottles. I have the original document, and one of these days, I'll put an image of an alabaster bottle on it. I simply haven't found one I could take pictures of that would serve as an appropriate model.


  1. I must say it looks as nice or nicer than the previous post.

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  2. I'm doing the Buried treasure tour and am fascinated by what you do. I love this piece in particular. Thanks for leaviing a comment on my blog.