Friday, July 3, 2009

Sunny Monday

No, not the song - the SOAP! The advertising person who came up with this slogan should be given some kind of award. I found this ad in a newspaper dated 1910, and thought I couldn't improve on it in the least - except to add a little sun.


  1. Some words mean a lot. This is sorta typical of my time -- hanging out the wash on Monday, ironing on Tuesday, cleaning house on Wednesday and bath time on Friday night if you went to town on Saturday.I still like clothes best if they are dried on a line outside.

  2. Dave, thanks for this beautiful piece. It evokes memories of Mom's wringer washer and the extra long clothesline full of sheets from 6 beds, where you got in big trouble if you hid from each other between them! I also remember helping her bring in frozen clothes, or "nearly dry" ones when a storm front was headed our way. Laundry day was half the week. Doubt my grandkids ever saw a clothespin bag!

  3. Dave, I really like your new header image ... as the saying goes, a picture is worth a 1,000 words. Hope you have Sunny Tuesdays through Sundays along with your Mondays -:))