Sunday, July 5, 2009

Marianne, This Ball Is For You

On the third of July, Marianne Dow wrote a very nice post on the Findlay Antique Bottle Club Blog about my art work, and my fascination with glass. In particular, what she pointed out were the various pieces I've done this year on old paper. Although this piece isn't very old, only having been done in 1999, I thought that since it hasn't been seen but by those who collect my First Day Covers, I'd post this one and talk a little about the glass itself.

The stamp issue was called Art Glass, picturing four different types of collectible Glass. My mother-in-law was born and raised on a homestead South of Havre, Montana, and her mother canned fruit and vegetables to tide them over the winter months. Among those jars were Atlas and Ball jars, some with rubber rings and bales, but the colored Ball jars were my favorites. As I do with all of the pieces of art that I do, I had to give it a title. A Ball jar is not exactly Art, but to me it was beautiful - and utilitarian, so I titled it Working Glass. I've a few photographs of paintings that I've done which I may post here, but for now - you get to look at a Ball jar - on an envelope!


  1. My mom always used what she called, green glass, Ball canning jars and lids like this one. Sealed the top with paraffin wax. I had not seen one of these jars in ages.

  2. Thanks for sharing this cachet art with us, Dave. Another BEAUTIFUL work. A tribute to all those hard-working housewives who canned fruit and vegetables. Believe me, they weren't having a BALL>>> It's a lot of hard, hot work to put up produce in the summer, but what a joy to look at the results. Perhaps your love of canning jar glass has something to do with the peaches, plums and cherries that came out of them for breakfast?

  3. Penny, LOL! That may have had something to do with it! I rememberber the Flathead cherries especially.

  4. .
    Dave -- love this Ball Jar piece! Your work is gorgeous.

    Thanks for showing it, and for the shout-out to the FinBotClub's site.

    Your fan --Marianne Dow

  5. Yes, having been in the military for almost 4 years, I can say that the flag is something that makes chills go up and down my back when I see it coming in a parade. I have put up with all kinds of crap for it so I like to show it off.

  6. I know Marianne's blog! She is a great gal:) I fell in love with a Napoleon glass candy jar that she found once but shipping it to France was a killer (I have a Napoleon obsession) Ball! This is fascinating. How many colours did the jars come in?

    The new Marianne stamps were well recieved. The return to a more classical design was very welcome. The previous Marianne had been absolutely hideous! I happily stick the new ones on al of my letters! I'm so happy that Chuck linked you in. It's great to meet you!