Saturday, July 11, 2009

Christ Lived in Anaconda

Well, at least this billhead says that He did - in 1931. Not only that, but he got his perfume from L.A.!!! This is a color copy of the very first piece of paper that I purchased. It is very light, thin and a carbon copy at that, so I got scared about putting my art work on it. I went to our local print shop and had them make color copies of the original, and then I put my art work on the copies. I then 'aged' the paper with an emory board and light sand paper. I have a portfolio of all the pieces that I've done - actually copies, and this is the first piece in binder. It's an opening when I go looking for old paper in places I've never been before. I ask if they have any old paper, and they ask "What kind of old paper"? That's when I open the binder... This is a perfect example of a textual hook to hang a visual fish on.


  1. I like this one too, carbon copy or not.

    54th Wedding Anniversary Today

  2. An absolutely gorgeous perfume bottle!
    You refer to putting your art work on the copies (plural); usually you only do one, right? One could guess that its a tribute to the loaves and fishes miracle, or because it came to you as a carbon copy, but perhaps you could elaborate....

  3. This piece is gorgeous. I think it's my favorite because I love how the perfume bottle goes with the "old paper." You do simply incredible work. It is so exact and precise.

    I want to thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a kind comment. As promised, I am back enjoying more of your art now that the dust has sort of settled on the Collaboration.