Monday, July 13, 2009

Ya Need A Rooster To Pick Up Chicks!

Bessie B. Carswell claims she knows the secret to MAKING every hen lay and pay. GUARANTEED. I could not resist, although I've used the image before. This piece of paper is dated October 20, 1919, and I really wonder if every individual who received one of these letters thought much about just the eggs. If you want a renewable food supply with chickens - YA NEED A ROOSTER. So... I gave her what the hens want, and it has nothing to do with Rockledge Poultry Tonic.

And once again, Mary, of A. J. Smith & Company Antiques, is the source for a great piece of old paper. And thanks to my sister Penny (the Paper Sleuth) for finding this gem.


  1. Dear Dave,
    I want to tell you how glad you have made Bessie and I feel, giving us a real red, cocky proud rooster for those languishing hens in need of a tonic. Now they'll lay their little hearts out.
    The Sleuth

  2. We raised chickens during World War II and that was our single source of meat. We always ate the roosters first. And, then we had eggs until the chickens were too old to lay eggs and then we ate them too.

    In those days, with those chickens, we could get them to lay more eggs by leaving the light on at night.

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