Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kilner Paper

Seth at The Altered Page, alerted me this AM via his own post that this is Inspiration Wednesday. I had no idea. I thought to mark the occasion, I'd post an image of a piece of paper that I just acquired to put my art work on, and let you see what kind of raw material I look for.

The clue on this piece is not what's on it for line items, but what isn't.

So - that's what inspired me and caused me to purchase it on eBay.


  1. Nice piece from England. I have no idea what the first line item is, but I don't see any bottles listed, and I know how you love drawing glass....Just fishin'...

  2. They (meaning whomever writes these days) don't make letterheads like they once did. Some of the old Zaner Bloser penmen and engrossers did magnificent things with a pointed steel dip pen. And nowadays people hunt and peck out replies on makeshift Microsoft stationery in Outlook Express. I wonder what Jesus would use?

    Tell you friends. Link up. Be part of history. Abraham Lincoln

  3. Interesting to note the date is written as American rather than the European day, month, year notation which is normal the other side of the Atlantic. Wonder why?

  4. Curious that you mention that, Chuck. I just noticed it after you've said something about it! I was so pleased about getting it after doing the digging necessary to find out what this company was all about that I failed to see the curious detail about the date. Nice find!