Thursday, January 21, 2010

Flying Pig Lunch PFF #18

I eat Flying Pigs for lunch. Not really. The postage stamp on this cover is celebrating the Year of the Tiger not the Pig, but I couldn't resist. I just got my machine back from the mechanic and wanted to make sure that everything worked properly.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Winchester Model 1892 44-40 DeluxeTakedown Rifle

This is a piece of paper that I found while looking through a large box of about 4,000 documents, and rightfully did not belong in the box. For the most part, when I began looking for paper to put my art work on, I was buying left-overs and the less-expensive pieces that I could not only afford, but could do something with. I set this piece aside in the keeper pile, and once I'd finished with the box, I had a rather 'short stack' to be considered for pricing.

When the shop owner started going through my selections, he came upon this and said "WHERE did you find THIS"? I explained that it was 'in the box'. His response was to tell me he really ought not to be selling it to me, because this kind of paper is very valuable to those who collect firearms and related ephemera. I bought it. It was expensive, but I knew I wanted it and I knew what I wanted to put on it. The rifle depicted is a very collectible firearm, and probably would sell for about $30,000 on today's market.

I can't wait for a gun collector to see it.