Friday, December 28, 2018

Timber Cruisers

Timber Cruisers

The original painting, entitled "Blazing the Trail", was painted by Phil Goodwin in June of 1905. He sold the image to Outing Magazine, who had a halftone created to be used as the lead for an article on timber cruisers. In 1911, Brown & Bigelow, a major source for advertising art to be used for calendars and cards, purchased the image for use on a calendar.

A photograph of the original oil painting.

The halftone image produced for the article on timber cruisers in Outing Magazine for 1906.

This was not an easy translation. Some of the details were altered in the halftone, and I struggled to make sense of the foreground in the original because of how dark the original had become. I am more than satisfied with the result, although I will wait to hear from my patron.