Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Wood Duck - #22 in Series

The twenty-second Duck that I've done as an open subscription. I'm not doing as many as I have in the past because I've had fewer requests. I did not submit an entry in the Cachetmaker's Contest for the AMerican First Day Cover Society, but - they've always been a favorite of mine.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Coaled Feet

Coaled Feet

Envelope in which the bid was submitted
Copy of original coal bid document  

This piece is headed to the 37th Annual Invitational Art Exhibit and Auction at the Custer County Art & Heritage Center in Miles City, Montana. I've included a copy of the original so that the letter can be read, as well as the envelope which is also very interesting from several perspectives:

The letter is actually a bid submitted for coal to be used as fuel by Miles City for city resources. The envelope is a corner card for the Chicago, Milwaukee and Puget Sound Railway. What connection the railway had to the Roundup Coal Mining Company I have yet to discover, but I found it interesting that the offer is based upon a delivery price for fuel coal, by rail to any Miles City facility with a railroad siding.

The exhibit opens on August 18th, and the live auction will be held at the end of the exhibit on September 29th. There will also be a Quick Finish event at that time, and I'm playing!