Saturday, September 28, 2013

Common Goldeneye #23 in Series

This is my art work for the 2013 Federal Duck stamp issue. I'm finally back to doing some art in my studio, and these needed to be done for subscribers that have been waiting for three months for something that they've paid for already - at least the stamps. And - it's not quite duck season. I'll be back to the Charlie Stalnaker story in short order.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Charlie Stalnaker, The Shooter.

C. B. Stalnaker was a Shooter. He was to the oil extraction business what the Roto-Rooter man is to the plumbing business of today. The Bolshevik- Greene Cave Catcher, or as it was known to begin with The Bolshevik Safe Electric Time Bomb was one of his 'tools'. After all, a shooter has to have the right tools.

There is of course a story that I'm going to tell about Mr. Stalnaker. I knew him because I delivered a newspaper to the man, and collected for them every two weeks. I had no idea the kind of life this man led. Trust me. It involves the border, Nitro Glycerin in the rumble seat and a frackin' Bolshevik.

I told you he was a SHOOTER. This is not from a fake birth certificate. It is from a piece of billhead for Mr. Stalnaker's company. The magazine was NOT in town. More on that later.