Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Last of His Race


The cultural clash between the noble Indian with his pipe and empty tobacco pouch, and the lack of a feather on his head, yet the well dressed lady riding the bicycle has one in her hat. I think there are plenty of clues as to why this is so stark and telling of Charlie's story in pen and ink.  

The Toll Collector

 From 'Names on the Face of Montana', by Roberta Carkeek Cheney: "About three miles below the junction of the Sweetwater and Ruby River where several natural hot springs were found, and on the direct wagon train route of pioneers coming from the south toward Virginia City."

Mr. Puller was the Postmaster, as well as building a saloon, a dance hall and hotel. Mr. Chas. Metzel later purchased the properties from Mr. Puller, and raised horses and cattle. 

The image is from nowhere near Virginia City, but rather in the breaks of the Missouri.