Thursday, December 31, 2009

They're on their WAY

Back in mid-December, Susan - of This Old Paper welcomed me to their little community of links, and what a welcome it was. She 'discovered' a billhead for Baby Ruth and Butterfingers (by the box) on another site that I also follow called Forgotten Bookmarks. The billhead had been used for a bookmark, so I contacted Forgotten Bookmarks about obtaining the paper to use for my art, just as Susan suggested. The answer was YES, he still had it and would send it to me.

As a big THANK YOU to both of them for playing my game, I sent notes to both. I haven't decided YET what kind of Baby Ruth advertising I'm going to use on the billhead, but rest assured, when I do complete it, I'll be posting it here, linking to both of their fabulous sites, and framing the results for some other chocolate lover to hang on their wall.

By way of explanation, I've left the ground addresses off of the images. I use removable labels on my mail art now so that the recipients can have the envelopes to do with as they will, and I can post the images without revealing any addresses that are better left unrevealed.

My sisters Penny & Judy gave me a wonderful book of illustrated letters called "Your Friend, C. M. Russell". With the book came a bookmark that gave the history of Charlies use of the buffalo skull as part of every piece of art that he signed after 1906. The verse on the bottom was penned by Charlie in 1917, as a sort-of tribute to wordsmiths (he wasn't bad at telling a story with a pen either) whom he felt certain would tell the story of the West as he did with his brush.

I sent the bookmark to Forgotten Bookmarks as a bonus to him, since he had sent me the billhead. Along with the bookmark came a vintage Christmas postcard which had probably also come to him as a bookmark, so I passed that on to Susan. They should each receive their Thank You Mail Art by January 4th.

Penny & Judy also received Thank You's similar to the one I sent to Forgotten Bookmarks.

I hope everyone has a Blessed and Prosperous New Year.


  1. Beautiful and generous stuff! Love it that this is going on 'behind the scenes' of my little world!

    Great idea for removable labels. Thankyou.

    Happy 2010.

  2. Sorry I have not be able to get around. I am still not doing much more than trying to get over this but did want to thank you for the visits and comments you have left.

    I enjoyed this post and the previous one as well. I like artwork and colored pencil artwork is one of my favorites. I used to teach commercial art in high school and some of my students, now in their 50s have recently got in touch with me. Some are still into art and making holidays cards that looked pretty good to me.

    Last night was a bad night and most of this morning. I didn't know if I was going to be able to make it. But I did.

  3. wonderful stuff as always! btw... i am bestowing you with the One Lovely Blog award. see my blog for details.

  4. hi dave! no need for widgets! simply upload the image logo to a blog post as you would any other (you can right click and save the image on my blog post)!

  5. Beautiful work! Love the playing cards in particular, so much detail! Man you're good!

  6. very interesting work and how one thing leads to another is also intriguing

  7. I really love the queen of spades card. And thanks for your comment on my mother's school photo!

  8. I love your art and that you study history... thanks for sharing and happy new year. roxanne

  9. Love the second piece in particular!! The colors, composition and lettering just work!!!

  10. Yes! It arrived safely - here it is with the postmark: Thanks again, Dave, for the beautiful art and the cool connections!