Saturday, August 21, 2010

No Quacks on the Radio - PFF #25

I know I'm late, but I'm tossing this one in here because it's a bird and although I didn't hear it on the radio, if it looks like a Duck - it is.

This is the first of twenty-two of these American Wigeons that I have to do, making them look all the same as best that I can. I like doing the ducks, and this is my twentieth issue of the Waterfowl stamps that I've done. In order to make them 'First Day' covers, I needed to get the stamps (at $15 a piece), affix a regular First Class stamp, and cancel them - neatly.

I was awarded Honorable Mention in the Duck category of the American First Day Cover Society's annual Cachetmaker's Contest for 2009. I did a 'portrait' of the Longtail duck, and this award is the eighth time I've received an award since 1990 in the Duck category.

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  1. Bravo for getting your cool Ducks (Awards) in a row...:)

  2. How perfectly beautiful. You are inspiring.

    To answer your question about who the artist was for the postcard I put up--I don't know. There is no signature to be found anywhere.

    I am surmising this postcard was from around the turn of the century.

    I love this styling.

  3. WOW! Congrats on your awards... beautiful.

  4. you have been busy! since i saw that bottle
    all lovely work...
    i KNOW ducks!
    and your ducks are going to fly outta there...looking perfect without a feather out of place..(corny (shhh) hunh)
    congratulations on your deserved award!
    quack on...

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  6. Congrats on your honorouable mention, Dave. That is an amazing accolade! A day or two ago, my son Jason and I spent a little time at our local bird sanctuary, and there, for the first time ever, I saw our very rare (but often shy) blue duck! Unfortunately, some of them display rather gay colours:
    Also, I missed your last posting but I have to say, the illustration is just beautiful! PS. re my latest blog posting - trust you to think of garters rather than cuffs, lol! Well, I guess that proves you're not like a blue duck in that regard! Ha ha.

  7. Very well done indeed. I think you are a master artist at this kind of work. And it always inspires me but I look at my collection of pens, pencils and paper and envelopes (you saw some of the early stuff I did with the Canadian) and try to draw or sketch and am not only bewildered and befuddled but stumped. It seems like I have forgotten how I used to draw.

  8. My father was a duck hunter, and ducks were a part of my life. Mallards were the prized catch along with canvas backs, teals and probably others I cannot recall at the moment. He also made beautiful duck decoys which now are prized. I don't have one since he sold them all in later years. Your work is awesome! Now I must go look up "American Wigeons - another name for ducks? Just have not heard that term! And thank you so much for your comments on my blog - I so enjoy doing this. Carol

  9. Just ducky! Hope you win again. Your trophy shelf must be getting crowded -:))

  10. I was wondering if you would mind being one of the artists featured on next week's FAT Tuesday (Featured Art Tuesday)on my art blog. Each week I'm featuring five inspiring artists and a sample of their work with a link to their blog or website. I'd love to include this beautiful piece next Tuesday. Would you mind?