Friday, November 18, 2011

Now & Then - Marlene & Marla Music PFF #52

This is a special piece of mail art for a couple of very special people.

When I started putting my art on old paper, whenever and wherever we went in Montana, we visited the local brick & mortar antique shops. We even visited several antique malls, but the antique malls are a special kind of antique shop, and one that I like to avoid if at all possible. Why would I say such a thing? There's someone there running the business (read that, cash register), and they often do not know what the vendors specialize in, or if they specialize at all. For the most part, everything is already priced, and there is no room for bargaining.
I also took the advice of a couple of local patrons of my work, and I personally contacted antique shop owners whom they knew. In the case of Marlene Music, she was recommended to me.

My first visit to her shop, Now & Then in Great Falls, Montana, I was greeted not by Marlene, but a young fellow watching the shop for her. Since I was looking to meet Marlene and talk to her for a bit before looking for paper, I made my departure. My next visit was fruitful, although I didn't purchase any paper from her on that visit.

As a matter of fact, I've been back to see Marlene three times, and I have yet to look at any paper. My last visit, I was introduced to Marla, her daughter. I spent over an hour talking and sharing stories with them. History. The best part of what I'm doing, actually. Both Marlene and her daughter know what I'm looking for, and sooner or later I'll pay them a visit and I'll end up walking out the door with some paper I can enhance, and a story to go with it.

The reason why I sent them the card "under cover"? Just because.
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  1. Wonderful!
    I am also exploring alternate surfaces to paint on. And here you have been doing it all along. How did I ever miss it?!!

  2. I can imagine one of these days you're going to pay them a visit and they will have stacks of old paper for you!

    I just may want to start collecting old paper. You sure have inspired me to start decorating my outgoing packages!

  3. Great story and as always - wonderful art work. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love this card - it's wonderfully personal! I think Marlene and Marla will be delighted!

    Happy PFF!

  5. Beautiful! And "just because" is the best reason of all.

  6. Great card and story. Dave, you should scan or photograph all your artwork that you want to immortalize and share with the world. :)

  7. I love this card--in fact, I adore it--and I totally enjoyed reading your story. You are not only a wonderfully talented artist, but you are a gifted storyteller. (grin) I think Marlene and Marla will be SO surprised and happy. lol

    Happy Thanksgiving and Happy PFF!!