Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Out Of The Box

A billhead from the Fulton Market in Butte, Montana, dated the 26th of January, 1904. One dozen quail, as ordered.

This is what the document looked like before I decided to embellish it with my art work.
The text reads "Quail scarce - hard to get at any price. Can you use Finnan Haddies at 12 1/2 4 ??? choice stock". 

Finnan Haddies or Haddie is cold smoked Haddock, and I suppose you could consider it an imported table delicacy, although I seriously doubt it was imported.

This is the box top I found for the image I used as a model for the art work. I will include a copy of the original document with the finished piece when it finds a new home.


  1. We're so pleased to give this piece it's new home - so cool!
    Lisa Olmsted