Saturday, October 5, 2019

Cowboy Watering Geraniums

Untitled advertising image by Philip R. Goodwin
for UMC-Remington

From wikipedia, Keen Kutter is a trade name first used by Simmons Hardware Company of St. Louis, Missouri in 1866. The name was adopted as a trademark by Simmons Hardware Company in 1870 and was used on their highest quality tools and cutlery.

I have five or six pieces of Simmons Keen Kutter billhead such as this one, and I like using the itemized list as a foil for the art I put on it. I am a big fan of the advertising artists of the late 1800s and into the turn of the Century. 

This is just one example of the use of a certain brand (UMC/Remington), only for the image to be sold to another  brand (Peters) and the product was replaced by Goodwin.

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