Friday, May 8, 2009


This is one of the first pieces of old paper that I 'altered'. I contacted a fellow in California who had a filled bottle, and I traded him an image of the filled bottle for an image of the letterhead I was going to put it on. The back of this bottle is yet to come, as I have a second sheet of this letterhead.

The back of the bottle in red lettering says "Famous Brands of Kittitas County and Sody-Licious"! The bottling company was located in Ellensburg, Washington, and I found the bottle absolutely fascinating.

I also sent an inquiry to the Washington State Brand Inspector to determine if there are any of the brands on the bottle that are still active. Just an added bit of interest to an already interesting bottle.

This piece was juried into the Blackfoot Valley Art Auction to be held on August 8th, in Lincoln, Montana.


  1. What are the symbols on this label?

    1. Those symbols are cattle brands. Ellensburg has long been ranch country. My great grandfather’s family registered the first brand in Washington state / territory: The Bar Balloon. Their ranch was near Ellensburg, but sadly I don’t see the Bar Balloon brand on this bottle.

    2. I have a photograph of the back side of this bottle, and perhaps your great grandfather's brand is there. If you will give me your email address I will send you a photo of the back.