Wednesday, June 24, 2009


This is what you get when you help me find nice old paper (with a hook) that I can hang my visual fish on. There were a couple of really spectacular pieces of PIANO paper in this shop, and she therefore got more than my money - she got a handmade Thank You card and an envelope to boot. THANK YOU, MARY!

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  1. I visited Mary yesterday. She had this sitting on her desk, and said she's been showing it to everyone! She was tickled, and intends to write back, she so much appreciated getting it. A "thank you" for a "thank you". I asked if she knew what a blog was. She said yes, she's heard about them but never seen one. I gave her a colored copy of this post. She thinks you're the best.
    Oh yeah, regretted that she didn't have more, but she had a few pieces she insisted I show you. :-)