Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Horse Returns

What did I find in my PO Box this AM??? What do you know. Postal employees in Jackson Hole can't deliver to a street address? Who knew. Sooooo - I get to put more stamps on it and try this again. It was me that wrote that box number on the label, but I had to do some searching to find it.

I will not be deterred.


  1. Mind you, it looks grat wit the extra stamps.

  2. Well that's just frustrating. Kind of like the postcard that got "mailed" to me because I had a teeny tiny return address on the message side of the card. I just blacked out the return address and stuck it in a blue postbox without additional postage.

  3. Arrgh! Our postal employees are human, but such rule followers. A good thing much of the time, but when creativity such as yours crossed their path it must have been simpler and more efficient "for them" to slap this envelope into the "return to sender" bin.

    Better luck with round two of this competition!

    And thanks for your kind words today. I, too, enjoyed my brief visit with you and Terri last week. As someone who must have been famous, but was most certainly sage, said ... "EAT DESSERT FIRST for LIFE IS UNCERTAIN!"

  4. I just had to comment here, as I went to send my mail art off yesterday (yours included) and the lady at the counter said, "Are you happy to be sending it off like that?" in a most condescending She then warned me that it "might" be returned because it was hard to find the address! Well...yuh? Of course it's hard to find the address! It's mail art! (But I didn't say it like that of course). I just patiently told her it was mail art and that the international postal service actually loves delivering it (esp. the dudes in the States).

    We're a bit behind the cultural times here in NZ on some things, so I won't be at all surprised if I have to resend yours Dave but with an address that sticks out like a sore thumb and spoils the whole effect.

  5. PS. find that rich man for me in the States? (I've decided it must be a rich man as the husband here is not) ;-)
    PPS. You out-shone the Russian.
    PPPS> Are you rich?