Thursday, September 10, 2009

PFF #8 - LARGE Letter Dirty Sox & a FREEbie

Okay. So I hope this works... My brother-in-law rode a scooter to see me. He's been blogging and scooting his way across Canada and into Montana. Several days ago, I asked a question: Where are your dirty socks? Sixteen hundred miles and eight days into this trip, and he tells me today he washed his socks yesterday. I told him he was lucky, cuz he'd not be setting a single wee little piggie inside my house with dirty socks. We documented his presence with a Teich LARGE letter postcard perched atop his dirty socks. I'm such a good friend...

And - I'm throwing in a Freebie that should have never reached its destination - but did. I now interrupt this program to show Chuck how to use the washing machine. Check out Vintage Verve for more good Friendly Postcards!


  1. Thank you for visiting my Pick a Peck of Pixels blog and for your comment there about my post on Fountain pens.

    I might have to post the instructions on how to cut a quill feather to make a quill pen. Good luck.

  2. Funny post about your BIL and his dirty socks! Enjoyed your documentation. Thanks for dropping by my place and I'll think about posting more from Dulac. :D

  3. Just for the record, those aren't all Chuck's socks that postcard is sitting on. He doesn't OWN any white socks, at least he didn't when he left home on this trip. I should know. I've been doing his laundry years before the 2 of you decided to "air it" in public.
    On another note, I'm glad you made public that envelope to Terri. Wonder how long each postal worker had to stare at it before they moved it along to its next stop.

  4. Why did you have to go and muddy the sock water? LOL. We needed some contrast, and Terri got such a kick out of the idea we decided to look for some white ones that we could use - mine weren't dirty enough... YOU ACTUALLY WASH HIS SOCKS?

  5. What a funny story about your brother-in-law! I love the envelope are so talented!

    Glad you stopped by my blog. Thanks for your nice comments!

  6. Its really pretty. Thanks for posting.