Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The G-Boy Cap Pistol

The price was a dollar. It is totally ratty. I saw the pistol on the top of it, and decided I had to have it whether or not I ever used it. I was in a rush. I left my gallery room at the Western Heritage show to go down to the Antique show and pick up some paper that a dealer had set aside for me. Paper I can use. While leaving the show to return to my room, another dealer mentioned she had a box of paper from a movie theater, and asked if I'd be interested. This piece of paper was sitting right on top.

If you are disinterested because it doesn't have any art on it, please skip to the second paragraph. I'll leave you with that. It's definitely a different world we are living in.


  1. Doubt we'll ever even see even a partial return to those days Dave. Sad for our grandboys ( and girls). All we can do is mentor them in shooting sports when they're older. If I had a nickle for every cap I put through my matched set of " Fanner 50's when I was a boy, I could have retired sooner. Greetings from our new home in Las Vegas.

  2. I was just blown away by the letter. I'm positive the G-Boy would never sell in Aurora, Colorado...