Thursday, August 6, 2009

PFF #5 – The BIG TOP & FREE Mail #3

Tomorrow is a very LARGE day for me, so I'm posting early.

The top one is in response to Marty Weil’s interview of Domique Jando on his Ephemera blog. Dominique is the mastermind behind a web site which documents the European Circus, and there is a lot to be said for some of the Circus advertising art wouldn’t you say? This is a cover I did in 1993. The First Day event was in Rochester, New York, and I made arrangements to have the stamps flown to me in Helena, Montana. We then drove to the little town of Ringling, named by and for one of the Ringling brothers, and I canceled them at the Postmaster’s home – on her kitchen table. Have I done any Old Paper Art lately? This time, the answer is YES. My previous post I completed just this past Wednesday, and it came in on a Wing and a Prayer – so to speak.

The bottom image is another envelope from my year long ‘vacation’ in Sunny Southeast Asia, although this one was done strictly with a Rapidiograph pen. AND – it met all the criteria for being legitimately mailed without a postage stamp.


  1. Dave, nice to see one of those "historical" envelopes!

    Hope to day is GRAND!!

  2. Hello again,
    Following your comments re the Festival of Postcards, be sure to let me know when you're certain about which you want featured (even more than one) and then I'll register everything for you.
    Evelyn in Montreal