Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Trout Flies ---- best

This piece of bill head was a very recent purchase.

In October, I posted a piece of bill head from a later iteration of this same business, only Mr. Parchen was in business with Mr. Paynter at this very same location five years earlier. It is also for goods purchased by J. H. McKnight & Company in Fort Shaw, Montana Territory. The previous piece was an order that included six dozen trout flies. This one is only for two dozen, but this time - Mr. McKnight expects THE BEST.

I threw an extra fly on this piece - just because. My wife tells me when she arranges flowers you always have to have an odd number, so I put five on this one instead of four.

Let the bidding begin.


  1. I thought I had seen this one before or earlier. I don't recognize the paper as much as the flies.

    I am still on hibernation but was digging into some old stuff from the early 1970s and came across an old envelope with stamps that I got from Estonnia when it was part of the USSR. I will try to publish it on one of my blogs. Maybe on Abraham Lincoln's Blog for tomorrow.

  2. Thank you for your service, my friend.

  3. Now that I know you can be embarrassed, that'll be my next mail art theme, for sure: naked bodies...
    Actually, I did a really innocuous envelope sketch on the front. The real mail art is inside the envelope...the one that came back to me like a boomerang when I sent it off to you.

  4. These are really beautiful -- which is not something I usually associate with trout of any kind!